The first Mayoral Development Corporation outside of Greater London

About Us

The South Tees Development Corporation (STDC) is the first Mayoral Development Corporation (MDC) outside of London. It has been set up to promote the economic growth and commercial development of Tees Valley by converting assets in the South Tees area into opportunities for business investment and economic growth.

The STDC area covers approximately 4,500 acres of land to the south of the River Tees, in the Borough of Redcar and Cleveland, and includes former SSI site as well as other industrial assets. The area benefits from river access and includes the deep-water port of Teesport, England’s largest exporting port.

The purpose of the STDC is to further the economic development of the area through physical regeneration, social regeneration and environmental regeneration so that it becomes a major contributor to the Tees Valley economy, bringing the SSI site, and other underutilized land in the area, back in to economic use. By attracting private sector investment the STDC will secure additional, high quality jobs for the people of Tees Valley and provide a safe environment for the workforce.

One of the key commitments of the Devolution Deal, which was signed in October 2015, was the opportunity to be given the authority to create new Mayoral Development Corporations (MDCs) within the area.  MDCs can draw on a wide range of powers, covering infrastructure, financial incentives, regeneration and land acquisition, devolving powers from central government to the local area. The decision to create a Development Corporation for South Tees was part of the area’s response to the closure of the SSI Steelworks and the wider strategy to drive forward growth and investment, create jobs and support local communities.


The Vision.

To see South Tees transformed into a hotbed of new industry and enterprise for Tees Valley that makes a substantial contribution to the sustained economic growth of the area and communities it serves, through the delivery of an exemplar, world-class industrial business park that is renowned as a destination for manufacturing excellence


The Delivery Strategy – 10 Core Principles

The Delivery Strategy for regeneration is founded on 20 principles as set down in the Master Plan. The following 10 principles are at the core of this strategy

  1. Ensure strong alignment with UK Government’s Industrial Strategy
  2. Form strategic alliances with major operators so that Tees Valley presents a co-ordinated, world-class offer to the international market place
  3. Prioritise uses connected with advanced manufacturing and advanced and new technologies
  4. Promote and support development uses aligned with a low carbon, circular economy, while delivering redevelopment within a framework of reduced energy costs and waste minimisation
  5. Focus on highly skilled employment generating opportunities, while balancing this with the need to create a wide spectrum of job opportunities
  6. Evaluate redevelopment proposals not only from a direct jobs perspective, but as potential catalysts for job creation across the wider Tees Valley
  7. Deliver efficient connectivity across the South Tees area through enhanced on site transport infrastructure to realise optimal functionality
  8. Deliver redevelopment in a way that reduces pollution, contributes to habitat protection and long-term sustainability and that encourages bio-diversity
  9. Ensure the regeneration of the South Tees area makes a major contribution to the transformation in education and skills across Tees Valley
  10. Use the regeneration opportunity to strengthen transport connections with Redcar town centre and other urban centres, to realise improved economic and community benefits.