Industrial Heritage and Environment

The steelworks closure marked the end of almost 170 years of iron and steel making on South Tees and the wider Tees Valley area, leaving an industrial legacy underpinned by a reputation for world class steel making.

Teesside steel has contributed to some of the most iconic structures across the globe and is there is a tremendous amount of pride in the area. The preservation of Tees Valley’s industrial heritage is an important part of the overall South Tees regeneration programme and there are some key opportunities to use the landscape to develop a strong heritage theme as part of the open spaces strategy.

There are numerous examples around the world where the retention of heritage assets have contributed to the success of the regeneration process and the Development Corporation will support the preservation of assets as part of the open space strategy. The area benefits from almost 590 acres of open space land, including South Gare, Coatham Sands, Coatham Marsh and Bran Sands Lagoon. The creation of carefully designed areas of landscape and public open spaces that support long term and sustained habitat improvement is an important part of realising a high quality, world class Business Park. These open space areas will be used to reinforce the character and identity of the area as an attractive setting for leading edge advanced manufacturing, high technology and innovation, whilst preserving sufficient assets to ensure the area’s industrial heritage is not lost.