About Tees Valley

Tees Valley is located in the North East of England and is home to over 660,000 people. The region is renowned for its industrial roots, with an established history and expertise in business and industry, making it the heart and soul of the economy. With recent investment into innovative sectors and new technologies such biologics, energy sources from waste and subsea, we already contribute over £10 billion per annum into the national economy.

Over 17,000 businesses are registered in the area and the Tees Valley economy is continuing to grow, up £217 million per annum from 2014 to £12.6 billion per annum in 2015. The region continues to outperform other parts of the country with its business birth rate due to the continued investment which, at 14.6%, is higher than the national average – showing the plans we have in place are proving to be effective in attracting new business investment to the area.

Tees Valley is a profitable place to invest due to the competitive advantage it has over other areas. It is cost competitive and already has a established supply chain with access to a skilled and dedicated workforce.

Major projects which have recently commenced their civil engineering works include MGT Power in Redcar, who are building the world’s largest purpose-built biomass power station, as well as announcements by Sirius Minerals and Australian firm Peak Resources to establish mineral processing plants in the region. These three investments alone represent well over £1 billion of new investment, demonstrating the confidence companies have in Tees Valley and a clear indication of the area’s global reputation for successful manufacturing.