Key Assets

Tees Valley combines competitive land, property and labour costs with a wide range of financial support and assistance. 

The freight sector is a key enabler in terms of investment, jobs and economic well-being. There are 1,300 logistics enterprises across Tees Valley employing 16,500 people. Tees Valley is an important link in the nation’s supply chain, providing an international gateway for the movement of goods in and out of the country and a key hub for the transport of domestic freight.

The area is proud to have Teesport, a major deep sea complex, a national asset for trade and the UK’s Northern Gateway for global shippers, as part of its transport infrastructure, an international airport, a vast pipeline network and road and rail routes which give good access to national and international transport links.

Because of Tees Valley’s first class infrastructure, many companies have already chosen to locate in the area, with hundreds of world-class OEMs and leading tier-one suppliers already taking advantage of what is on offer. Major engineering and manufacturing companies in Tees Valley already export their products around the world using the impressive existing infrastructure. This means that there is a ready supply chain to meet the demands for businesses operating in key sectors.

Tees Valley is also a cost competitive area, with lower costs than the majority of the UK. This is backed up by a highly skilled workforce and supported by local colleges and universities who all work together to help graduates get the right skills needed for the future workforce of the area.