Master Plan

The South Tees Development Corporation has ambitious plans for Tees Valley and this is an international level opportunity to grow the Tees Valley economy, The Vision of the STDC sees the creation of 20,000 skilled jobs, heavily focused on manufacturing innovation and advanced technologies within a high value, low carbon, diverse and circular economy.

Master Plan has been developed that aims to provide a flexible framework for achieving the socio-economic ambitions for the regeneration of the South Tees area, realising that a long time frame is necessary for the successful implementation of the plan for economic growth in South Tees and the wider Tees Valley area.

The plan envisages the creation of a world-class industrial park on the River Tees. The plan is aimed at enabling industrial investment that will create approximately 20,000 new jobs and contribute £1 billion per annum into the UK economy. It will support the regeneration of Redcar and Middlesbrough town centres and the Tees Valley as a whole by boosting the employment economy, enabling existing centres to meet demand for shopping, leisure and non-ancillary office uses.